Sunday, January 18, 2009


kids kissingYikes!! Lil'E went to a friends birthday party today. On the way out one of the boys there, who is in her class at school and was on swim team with her, kissed her!

Run for the hills, everyone, Lil'E is bringing 'em in!

If he had kissed her on the lips, we may have had to sit ad talk a little bit. Okay, a lot. I asked Lil'E what she thought about him kissing her - she said it was funny. I almost told her it was sick, disgusting, and she would get cooties. But I knew that Mrs. E would kill me and she would need years of therapy later, so I refrained.

But I'm still somewhat off-kilter. I just can't believe she's getting this old already. Typical daddy feelings.


texasinafrica said...

Lol! Bar the doors and get a shotgun cabinet!

Unknown said...


Chaotic Hammer said...

Speaking as a fella who raised one of them female critters to adulthood, I'll just add that you have absolutely no idea what a wild ride you're in for.

You and Mrs. E will do just fine, but when you look back you'll realize how much of it was God's grace carrying you through.

euphrony said...

Load shotgun - check
Practice "crazy" look - check
Prepare insanity plea - check

I'm getting ready . . .

Anonymous said...

Big E,
I know that feeling as I had a similar experience with my daughter last week. I'm starting to look for bib overalls and a 12 gauge, maybe we could get a bulk discount! LOL!

Heriberto said...

I do not know what that meant. Why he kissed the kids? Then what should matter?

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