Friday, January 16, 2009

Lil'E is growing up

Lil'E and Lil'ESo the other night at bedtime, Lil'E run's downstairs is is very excited about something.

Lil'E: Guess what! My bottom's big enough now that I don't have to use that thing on the potty!
Mrs. E and I: ? ? ? What . . .
Lil'E: That white thing. I don't have to use it anymore!
Me: Do you mean the toilet seat!?!
Lil'E: Yes! The white thing you put your bottom on! I'm big enought that I don't need it!
Mrs. E: Sweetie, that's the toilet seat. Everyone uses it. Mommy's bottom is much bigger than your's and I still use it. You always need to use it!
Lil'E: Oh, okay. (but still confused as to why)

I must say that I've never heard women so freely discuss the size of their bottom's before. I'm still laughing at this who episode.


JSue said...

I bet Mrs E is glad Lil'E discovered that on the potty at home.

Can you imagine her trying that out on a potty while y'all were out eating - YUCK! Public restrooms are disgusting!! All you guys (Hot Rod included) talk about how gross the men's room is - you should see the women's!! LOL!!

texasinafrica said...

Just thank goodness she's not afraid to ask mom questions like that!

On a completely inappropriate, yet related, note, when my friend G was an elementary school librarian, they had a kid come in and say that she couldn't, um, go #2 and that she had even tried standing on the toilet seat like her mother told her. Apparently there are some cultural differences with these things!

Unknown said...

so funny! i love little kids

nice blog setup btw.

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