Sunday, October 01, 2006

Let's let Russia have it!

A few weeks ago, Eastern European Missions held a nation-wide fund raising event, Million Dollar Sunday, to raise funds to place the Bible in public schools in Russia. They have had Bible programs, sponsored and invited by the government, in three regions of Russia, teaching 1,000,000 children the Bible. With this campaign, which actually raised $1.5 Million and counting, they will be placing the Bible in another region, to an additional 400,000 students. That will be nearly 7,000 schools in Russia that have requested and are being provided materials to teach the Bible to children.


The video above begins with an interview with the former Minister of Education of Russia, encouraging this. The same thing is going on in Ukraine, where EEM is working with the government to draw up a Bible curriculum for all public schools in Ukraine. It's amazing to see what these people are beginning to realize they need; in fact, what they crave. One librarian tells of how, several years ago, when the first box of children's Bibles arrived for their library there was a group of children waiting to check them out. These Bibles, she shares, have never hit the shelf because their has been a long waiting list of people wanting to check them out. When a person in Siberia recently tried to create a public uproar against the work EEM is doing, he was silenced by parents and teachers whose told of how the teaching of the Bible in schools had made their children more respectful, more kind and gentle: nothing but good had come of it and they wanted more.

Check out
EEM and the work they are doing. Pray for them, that God continues to impact the world through them.

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