Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Whither Euphrony?

SOR logoSome of you may have noticed that I have been mostly absent from the blogging scene the last few days. Okay, maybe one person noticed? Well, there has been a reason for this. In recent weeks, I have been rather busy at work, with a few projects at major junctures and trying to prepare a paper to present of the Society of Rheology Annual Conference. (What-ology? "rheology noun: a science dealing with the deformation and flow of matter" We answer the question of why silly putty will bounce when you drop it but flow into a puddle when you leave it on the table for a few minutes.) So, last Friday I flew up to Portland, Maine for the start of a long week of learning.

I actually started the conference off with a short course (all day Saturday and Sunday) and the formal conference runs from 8-6 Monday through Thursday, with events every evening. I presented my paper Tuesday afternoon, so it's all downhill from there. You can equate this experience to cramming a full course load of advanced graduate classes for one semester into one fast-paced week. My head is swollen (not from ego) and may explode at any time now.

John FordPortland, itself, is very nice. The weather is about what we get in the dead of winter in Houston (high of 60, low of 40) with the exception that every day has been clear and sunny (so far). You might be interested to know that Portland is the home of Rear Admiral John Martin Feeney, who served in World War II. But, he is much better know for his career after the Navy, where he took the name John Ford and won six little statuettes called "Oscars". The picture to the left is a statue erected in his honor in Portland.

The conference is over tomorrow, and Mrs. Euphrony is (trying) to fly up tonight to meet me here. After several last-minute flight changes, she should get here around 11 pm and we will have a four-day weekend here in lovely Maine to enjoy the leaves, the apples, the chowder, the lobster, and Little Euphrony being with the grandparents.

Sometime soon, I'll be a regular blogger again. No hurry, though.

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Kat said...

Wow. It actually sounds fun. I mean, the idea of going to a conference and being all grown up for a week and then topping it off with a little getaway sans kiddos.

Hope you have a good time. We look forward to seeing you back here in the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

Ditto. Enjoy Portland. I was just up there a few weeks ago to perform a wedding. It is gorgeous!

Anne said...

Don't have too much fun. :)

euphrony said...

Kat - " being all grown up for a week" - sounds like someone is a wee bit desperate for some additional adult interaction. It's nice being an adult ocassionally, but I miss that little girl's smiling face.

Seth Ward said...

"We answer the question of why silly putty will bounce when you drop it but flow into a puddle when you leave it on the table for a few minutes."

I just wanted you to know that there have been times in my life when this was the most important mystery to study. I now know the key.

Also, I admit that I thought for a while that rheology had something to do with... the rectum. I know I know, that sounds like a smart-butt remark but I thought it had something to do with like x-rays for colon cancer or something.

Me smart. Me almost doctor.

btw, don't you find that Houston cold is worse than dry very cold? Houston cold is like a constant freezing cold shower.

euphrony said...

While here in Portland, the high has been about 55-60F every day, the low 35-40F, with a breeze. The skys have been so clear blue, and the sun so bright, it hurts your eyes to see brightness. Houston's depth of winter has similar temperatures, but is miserable because it is damp, gray, overcast, and generally depressing.

Seth Ward said...

Amen to that.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Hope you guys enjoy your time away, Euphrony.

I've been totally MIA with blogging lately too, as I've been out of the office a lot and mostly spending time at our data center (assembling and configuring server hardware, rather than manipulating data remotely from my desk).

If you look around the blogosphere, things in general seem to be a little slow right now (at least in the corners of it that I hang out in).

Seth Ward said...

I demand another blog.

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