Saturday, October 07, 2006

Cos on childbirth

Mrs. Euphrony, this is for you. I know you've seen it before, but while I'm not home we can joke about our plans and Baby Euohrony. Laugh it up - you've been there before. Kat, Mrs. Brody, and all the others out there wanting kids, who've had kids, or are pregnant - watch, laugh, and learn.

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Kat said...

I haven't even watched it yet and I'm laughing. Thanks!

I'm off to find my headphones so the Cos doesn't wake up my napping girls...


Anonymous said...

$17,000 Ferrari? Wow.

euphrony said...

Well, this was from nearly 30 years ago, but still . . . We must be hearing him wrong. It must be a $70,000 Ferrari. That's got to be it.

Anne said...

This is just too funny!

Anne said...

Funny thing about this is, no matter how bad the pain is we still go back and do it again.

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