Monday, August 13, 2007

Talk of fairies, wermaids, and God

Editor's Note: The editorial staff (e.g. Mrs. Euphrony) has read this post and found its numerous grammatical errors detract from the normal quality of this blog. The author has been placed on probationary status and the errors corrected.

Little Euphrony has been a talkative one this weekend. Her imagination is great to see at work, and her heart is so sweet. Here are a few of here her conversation points for the weekend.

First, fairies visit her every might night to put strong glue on her fingers, toes, arms, nose, ears, etc. so that daddy cannot pretend to pull them off (note, it is strong glue, so it is stronger than daddy). Previously, Lil'E did this herself; but since I've tried to catch her just waking up she has apparently hired out the job to fairies to make sure it gets done before I see her. The fairies spent all weekend with her, with Lil'E carrying them around cupped in her hands and playing with them at meals. She even (pretends) to order food for them, so they don't go hungry.

Now, apparently Lil'E has also been playing with wermaids (mermaids) as well as the fairies. The wermaids also traveled with her this weekend, but they didn't get food ordered for them. Perhaps this is because the actions of the wermaids are a bit more nefarious: they come in while Lil'E sleeps and tangle her hair! When brushing her hair on Saturday, I suggested that she had a rat's nest in her hair (like in Ratatouille) but I was wrong. The wermaids are responsible, but being a good little girl she doesn't hold them at fault. I get the blame for trying to brush her hair : )

(As a side note, I think Lil'E gets her imagination from her mom. Mrs. E does not make things up like this anymore, but it sure shows in the dreams she has. Alas, I have been forbidden from blogging about her dreams - how I wish I could!

Aside from her imagination and being garrulous, Lil'E is a bit comic and you never know if she'll answer a question with a serious response of or pure silliness. Yesterday afternoon I asked her what her favorite thing was (completely out of the blue, no leading in the question). I expected her to say something like ice cream or pink shoes. Instead, she told me "My favorite thing is to worship God and love Jesus." That sound you hear is not global warming melting the polar icecaps; it is Mrs. E and my hearts turning to mush at our sweet girl.

A little later, Lil'E asked me if she tould could take her pillow. "Take your pillow where, sweety?" "To heaven, daddy." "Oh, sweety, I think God will have everything we need there." "Okay." She really likes her pillow. She's been talking a lot about death lately ("Everyone dies, daddy.") - just curiosity, I guess. But I love where her heart is. And the fairies and wermaids are fun, too.

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Amy said...

she sounds like a real sweetie!

euphrony said...

Okay, the theological moment only lasted on Sunday. Monday, Mrs. E asked Lil'E what her favorite thing was. Her answer was to play at her best friend's house.

Still sweet.

Anne said...

What a sweetie. Oh, to have a child-like heart.

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