Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to say thank you

PaybackI need some help here, guys. I want to say thank you to a very close friend of the Euphrony's. She did something really special for us last week, and I need to find the proper way to give recompense. In a moment of kindness, she taught Liler'E how to blow raspberries while eating his oatmeal and pureed squash. How can we let her know just how much we appreciate sticky slobber flying from our son's mouth and splattering about the room?

Help me out, my friends. What should I do?

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Discontented Refuge said...

does she have children?

euphrony said...

One five year old girl, about to start school.

euphrony said...

Come on, guys. I need some help here. Even Mrs. E turned on me - told our friend to look at my blog and gave her warning! Traitor! Sure, she claims it was just an accident; I know better.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Sorry, bud. You're on your own this time. Since she's lurking around here, I can't risk angering her.

That's all I need is this lady teaching my daughter (age 23) the same sort of thing, then my peaceful life is ruined forever.

No thanks.

Douglas said...

These sorts of things have a way of coming back on people. It's even more fun to taunt people when you know they got their comeuppance with no effort on your part.

A public thanks to all those great influences on your children in the obligatory Christmas letter might be in order, though.

On the other hand, you might have had it coming with or without your friend's help. Why anybody would feed their kid oatmeal and pureed squash is beyond me? Is it any wonder the oats and squash didn't make it all the way down the esophagus?


euphrony said...

MB, are you implying that I would corrupt a little child and deserve this? Hum? For your information, Lil'er E loves green beans, squash, and carrots. What he does not like is bananas - acts like we're feeding him doggy doo or something.

Douglas said...

E: "For your information, Lil'er E loves green beans, squash, and carrots."

MB: But oatmeal and squash mixed? Maybe I got my wires crossed, but that almost made me puke from 1000 miles away.

I'm not saying you are "corrupting" your kid. I'm just suggesting that you may be making a valiant and (in the end) losing effort to keep your child pure and free of the love of sugar/disdain for healthy foods. I think a more realistic goal would be to raise a Harvard bound valedictorian.

Once again, good luck in your efforts. Keep those reflexes nimble and the washrag handy. :-)


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