Thursday, March 06, 2008

There's a new sheriff in town . . .

. . . and we're a headin' for a shootout.

Little EFor the last four-odd years, the Euphrony family has lived under the rule of a benign dictator. As despots go, you can get much worse. She's little, cute, and more likely to use a tear in her eye than torture to get her way. Mrs. E and I have, perhaps, indulged her too much; she persists in thinking she's the boss, while we pull the strings behind her back.

But Lil'E has a rude awakening heading her way. There's a coup in the making. Liler'E is finding his voice, and he's posting notice: I'm the boss, now! He looks a little like Al Capone, and though he's still young his heavy hand (or teeth, actually) is being felt.

Littler EIt's tragic, really, watching such a benevolent dictator realize her rule is beginning to crumble. At first she just didn't realize what a new child in the house would mean; but after a while she caught on. More time for Liler'E meant less time for her. The backlash has mostly occurred at bedtime and at 3 am as "bad dreams" make her want to sleep with mom and dad (who are truly the innocent victims in this). Now, though, little brother has started making his opinions known.

"EEEHHNNNNHHNNH" (translation: I'd like to see you try and make me eat anything except fruit and turkey hot dogs today.)

"UUUGGGGHHNNNH" (translation: Sister, get out of my face! Seriously, haven't you heard about personal space! I am not your little doll, I am a LIVING BREATHING PERSON!) - usually accompanied by a stiff arm that would make any football coach proud

"MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA" (mostly self-explanatory, but often a message that dad just don't cut it)

Non-verbal communication is also big. For example, Liler'E knows the signs for "milk" and "more" - but he only uses "milk" as an all-purpose message to get me what I want, now! Also prominent is the thrown toy (Lord help us when he learns accuracy) in a fit of temper. This dictator, like many under the age of five, would prefer a naturalist society - clothing banned.

But big sis still has her say. Being more mobile, she has the ability to determine what little brother wants to play with next and rush to it first, thus claiming priority when they fight over the same toy. She oft employs the phrase "no, no, no" when talking to Liler'E and uses her above-stated dexterity to cut off access to anything that, in her estimation, is inappropriate for a 12 month old to get into. All of which are activities she deems fitting her self-proclaimed status of "Little Mother"

Luckily, love has conquered all and the family is still mostly happy through the power struggle. My biggest fear: that the Little E's will form a junta and overrun the real power-center of the family. Yep, the teen years are on the horizon and mom and dad will be in a true struggle for control of the family - ah, the joy of anticipation.

So, how are your little tyrants?


Wayward Son said...

Hi, E,

Just letting you know I stop by often to read and enjoy your thoughts.

I'm taking the liberty of adding you to my blogroll.

The Secret Life of Kat said...

Well, my poor little boy is vastly outnumbered by his two older sisters, so I believe their rule will continue for the foreseeable future...

(funny post...)

Cristy said...

Funny post! I remember those years like they were yesterday. *BIG SIGH*

There is very little drama in our household between our two teenage (16 & 17) BOYS. They're the best of friends and they got into a short lived argument ONCE in 6th grade. I hear that girls are much more difficult (dramatic) in the teenage years...

However, teenagers think they know what's best for them, and that we're old, they should be able to because so-and-so can, times have changed, or whatever argument they've chosen for today's situation. Our answer is always that we are here to be your parents, not your friends, and until you're an adult, we will decide what's best for you.

My oldest will turn 18 (EIGHTEEN!) in 16 days...and he thinks that's going to make a difference and that he will be allowed to make his own decisions about everything. HA, I say!

Enjoy them while they're little and don't be quick to fastfoward to those teenage years. They will get here soon enough, or rather, too soon. *another big sigh*

Case & Kani Herrington said...

We have to give big sister a thumbs up for how well she did during little brother's B-day party, the ultimate 'wake-up call' for young siblings. We thought she was gracious & sweet(I could not quite get her & boy cousin to 'clear the lane' by the basketball hoop so that the little guys could get a pic in their basketball suits, but I'm learning as a new daddy of a little one to choose battles). E, you're a good example of fatherly patience.

Ms. Kathleen said...

Cute kids! One thing I learned as a mom of four is that they ALL find their voice eventually...Just wait until they are teenagers! Then the fun really begins! ☺

euphrony said...

Cristy, did I send you on a mommy memory trip? Girls are definitely more dramatic, even from the toddler years. Don't have to wait for the teens to hit for drama to rule with them.

Kathleen, thanks for dropping by!

Hacienda, thanks for the compliment. The b-day party was fun, and Liler'E has already gotten good use out of his b-ball suit. Having her cousins there at the party really did help Lil'E out - gave her a distraction to all the attention brother was getting.

Kat, let us know when your Smallest Person awakens to the fact that, even as a baby, he has real power over siblings. I don't know about him, but at times it takes both Mrs. E and me to wrangle Liler'E. There's no way the other two smalls could overcome a concerted effort by the Smallest.

Jeff, thanks! I've not had a lot of time to explore new blogs lately, even though you've commented a few times here. Normally I'd at least had left a reciprocal comment by now - shame on me. You live in Broken Arrow? I've got an uncle and a couple of cousins up in Broken Arrow. I've been that way a couple of times a year lately, doing some work with U. Tulsa.

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