Friday, March 07, 2008


Brant really cracks me up. I mean, who else do I "know" who has personally hung up on Barack Obama - not once, but twice! I hope he doesn't expect any calls from the Democratic party to fill a ticket anytime soon.

I wish I could say I've hung up on someone important. The best I can do is a recording of Laura Bush. But that's a recording, so it doesn't really count, does it? I did show up an hour late to an interview, once, and still got the job; but that still isn't measuring up to Brant's claim to infamy. Oh well, maybe someday I can dis a potential future leader of the free world. I'll keep hoping. (Oh, yeah, I also once tripped and made a fool of myself while walking away from serenading a girls tent with some other guys at summer camp. But that's still not in the same league.)

What about you? What are you're biggest goofs (that you're willing to own up to)? Go ahead - we all need a good laugh every now and again. And I promise not to snicker too much at your discombobulation. Honest!


Cristy said...

This is just the first one that comes to mind, I'm always doing something to embarrass myself.

Just today, when I got off work, I thought I was the only person in the office, because I worked a little late. Since I had my iPod on, I was singing (loudly) and sort of dance-walking down the hallway to turn off the lights, when my boss opened his door and said, "What are you still doing here?" My face was probably 10 shades of red and my eyes had to be the size of baseballs! He just laughed because he realized he'd surprised me. Guess I surprised him a little, too?

Still not in Brant's league, but funny anyway.

Case & Kani Herrington said...

E, I know a gal in Florida, a co-worker, who at one time worked for Disney as a manicurist/beauty tech in one of Disney's resorts. So she happened upon celebs ever so often. One day she is giving a manicure to Liv Tyler, which one who think would be a manicurist's dream, beautiful starlet, etc.

Anyway, as they are chatting away, doing Liv's nails, suddenly an old Aerosmith song comes on the radio, and my harmless but clueless friend rolls her eyes and tells Liv "Yuck, I can't stand that band." Liv of course looks wounded and says "That's my Dad..."

Another manicure session destroyed...not quite in league with world leaders but funny anyway

euphrony said...

"That's my dad . . ." Classic! That had to be embarrassing.

Cristy, I think we've all been caught at that before.

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