Saturday, March 22, 2008

Things to remember at the rodeo

So for my Good Friday holiday, we decided to attend Houston's annual orgy of all-things cowboy, carnival, and concert - the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. If you've never been, here are a few tips to remember to maximize your enjoyment, especially with young kids.

1) Eat. EAT! For example, go to the New Braunfels Smokehouse stand and get a bratwurst on a bun with some sauerkraut, slather on some spicy mustard and enjoy. Chase it with some creamy Marble Slab ice cream. Yum!

2) Get your picture taken with a statue of a pirate mustang. A must!
Pirate Mustang

3) Go ahead and let your kids play some of the carny games. They may get a good haul of stuffed animals from the fishing game.

4) Go to the pig races. Not only is it great family enjoyment, but you can pick up this key chain.
Poopin' Pig at restPoopin' Pig eyesPoopin' Pig poop
It is called the "Poopin' Pig". Duh!

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Chaotic Hammer said...

Alright, that was weird.

I thought your family-friendly blog had really gone bizarro on me.

When this post opened in my browser, the Poopin' Pig pictures were only displaying about the top third, in the bottom of my browser window.

Thought you were going to explain how you had some... ahem, body piercing done or something. Wow.

Cristy said...

I thought the same thing CH! lol

euphrony said...

Sorry for the confusion, guys. Unlike Kat, I've no aspirations for a nose ring, or any other piercing for that matter.

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