Monday, April 28, 2008

Music Monday: Euphrony Euphonic Enterprises

EEE LogoWelcome to the EEE label's website! We here at Euphrony Euphonic Enterprises are all big fans of music and want to share that enthusiasm with you through the music we sell.

The philosophy of my label is four-fold. First, the music we sell all has one thing in common - the lack of hate. By no means does this mean we make only happy music; oh, no, some of it is downright depressing. But it all has the aim of building people up, of encouraging them, of educating them, of showing beauty, and doing so without spreading hate or anger or despair. The songs may tear you down, but they won't leave you torn apart.

Second, our artists make music that they have a passion for making. If you have a great passion for making hard-rock, then by all means go for it! Do you love the sounds of Celtic music or its American progeny, bluegrass? Then indulge yourself. Do you want to make one album that is heavily influenced by jazz and follow it with a punk album or an instrumental collection? Go go it! But, keep in mind our third tenant.

Third, the music our artists make is done to the best of their abilities. If the effort is half-hearted, then back to the drawing boards. No pushing forward poorly worked follow-ups to a smash hit - think Boston's sophomore album, Don't Look Back, which Tom Sholz never did think was done well enough even given a two-year span between releases but was pushed for by the label. If you want to make a different kind of music than you have in the past, then go at it and make the best music you can; but recognize when you can't make a certain music style with a high enough quality and move on.

Fourth, I didn't make the music; I just offer the chance to let it be heard. I get paid for that, and the artists get paid for their music. I'm in it for the love of music, not money, and the artists on EEE feel the same way. Sure, we like to eat and keep the family cared for, but our artists will continue to produce the music we like to hear and I will continue to give them proper monetary credit for that. No funneling all the money through me and dribbling the leftovers to the artists, a la the standard operating procedures of labels since time immemorial - I get paid a fair salary and that's it. And no artist will get dumped for lack of blockbuster status. As long as we can break even selling an artist's music, then we'll make and sell that artist's music.

Artists EEE would sign in a heartbeat include:

Steven DelopoulusNickel Creek
Sara GrovesShaun Groves (no relation)
Máire BrennanThe Chieftains
The King's SingersAlison Krauss and Union Station
Andrew PetersonBruce Hornsby
Mat KearneyJason Gray

And be sure to check out our friends at Katostrophic Records

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