Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sniff, sniff

Lil'E at birthToday was a monumental day. Today we enrolled Lil'E in kindergarten for the fall.

Excuse me while I go have a little parent-in-shock moment. Okay, we can go on, now.

It is seriously hard to believe that this sweet little girl pictured on the right is ready for school. But she will be five soon, and she can already read and write a little so it must be that time.

We went to a kindergarten roundup today at her school - she got to see the kindergarten classes and we got to fill out forms. Yeah! We heard this year's kindergarten class sing a few songs. And then we heard a few words from the school principal - her picture is below.

Okay, so Linda Hunt is not her real principal; I think she is actually taller than Lil'E's new principal. Anyway, it all looks like it will be a good time for Lil'E. She's excited about it all, and talks about starting school all the time. And in just four short months she will!

And Mrs. E will cry for weeks. It is a mother's prerogative.

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Douglas said...

We had to register our oldest for school this week. We actually just sent in the notification to the state that we would be homeschooling, though. Fewer tears at first. Potentially more hair loss and tears later. :-) I look forward to just letting him play all day and calling it school. If it works for the Finns, then it can't be all that bad.


Anne said...

I remember the first day I sent my oldest to pre-school - I cried all day. Then we decided to homeschool starting in kindergarten (he's a late birthday so I started him early to try it out). We love it. They grow up so fast!

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