Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My wife has a favorite Sonic carhop

Yes, you read that right. Mrs. E not only has preferred Sonic locations to go to for her diet cherry coke, easy ice, but she actually has a favorite carhop at her favorite Sonic. There are a few others, but they don't rank as high in her book.

I guess that's not so odd, really. What I find funny is that all of her fellow Sonic-addicted friends agree with her choice. It's like how they all went to see the same person to get their hair cut, they flock together to Sonic. Except with Sonic they're going there daily, maybe even more often.

I don't know what the point of this is. I'll stop talking now.


erin said...

Oh man, Sonic has the best cherry cokes and the best ice! Too bad I'm counting calories and don't go there anymore...

I think it's cute your wife has a favorite carhop. I'm sure the carhop appreciates it.

By the way, do you guys tip when you go to Sonic? I've had quite a few discussions about that issue.

NatCh said...

Cherry Limeade for me!

I usually tip at Sonic, except on the rare occasions I go through the drive-through part at the newer ones. (shrug)

texasinafrica said...

You should be grateful that Mrs. E's habit is relatively inexpensive. My mother and sister and I have a shoe guy. He's been our shoe guy for 15+ years. He knows our tastes backwards and forwards. For some reason, this always causes daddy to groan when we announce we're headed out to see Ron. Apparently daddy doesn't consider him a member of the family like we do. :)

On tipping, if you were getting paid $2.19 an hour to rollerskate ridiculous drink concoctions in 98-degree heat, you'd want a tip. Follow the golden rule.

euphrony said...

I admit I like me some Sonic - but I don't get there every day like Mrs. E does. Maybe that's why I don't have a preferred carhop. And I'm a simple man; just a diet coke with no ice for me, thank you very much.

Erin, did you know that they have a diet cherry syrup? Still a few calories, but not many.

As to tipping, if I pay cash I'll often leave the change. But I've gotten into the habit of paying with my credit card, and no tip when I do that.

Anne said...

Don't they have a "happy hour?"

I have many friends who attempt to hit the Sonic on a daily basis. It's a rarity for me.

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