Monday, April 07, 2008

Music Monday: Movie Mania

So Kat asked this week about our favorite music from the movies.

I could go with something obvious, like John Williams - who doesn't know his movie work by heart? Between Jaws, Indiana Jones, E.T., Close Encounters, and Star Wars just about everyone can hum a few bars of his work.

I could go with something that became a cultural phenomenon, like O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Who would have ever guessed that a collection of "old timey" music would hit #1 on Billboard charts, sell seven times platinum, a Grammy for Album of the Year, and reintroduce much of America to its musical heritage.

But, no, I've decided to go another direction altogether. I instead chose to highlight the toe-tapping move stylings of Kenny Loggins. He, in my mind, is the reigning king of 80's movie rock.

Exhibit #1: "Footloose" from Footloose

Exhibit #2: "I'm All Right" from Caddyshack

Exhibit #3: "Danger Zone" from Top Gun

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Anonymous said...

Great choices. I am a huge Kevin Bacon fan and both "Footloose" and "I'm Free" by Kenny Loggins were staples of my 80's music collection. I used to listen to that soundtrack on my Sony Walkman and pretend I was Kevin Bacon running through the empty warehouse jumping over hedges while delivering newspapers when I was 14 and enjoying Kenny Loggins. You just took me back. That's a secret confession of course, just between us. Okay?

Take care,
Kevin (shaunfan)

Anonymous said...

How about movie and Tv Cars like Knight Rider, Back to the Future, and Bullit those things rock with all there new parts. I really like knight rider the new one with its mustang parts

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