Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I've been overruled. The contest is not canceled. There were, in fact, five entries. One which I considered a comment is, in fact, an everyday usage of one of the listed words. So says an authority I dare not challenge: Mrs. E.

My guest judge is NatCh. NatCh is a very old friend of mine, who has long been active on various web boards (especially those relating to e-book readers) but does not venture much into the bloggoshpere. His judgement:

I think that the one by "erin" is the most conversation-like, so I'm picking that one.

There are a couple that use more than one word, but they're not really conversational, except for the one that used the words in incorrect forms, so that's why I picked this one. :)
There you have it folks, erin it the official winner! Yeah! Just e-mail me at euphronyatsbcglobald0tnet and I'll send you the goods. If you don't like the results, sorry. This judge will not be overrulled!

P.S. Some might cry fowl if they knew that NatCh's wife works with erin. But knowing NatCh, he is completely clueless to this fact and I feel his objectivity is not compromised.

P.P.S. Mamasboy, I'm not going all girly on my blogging with a give-a-way. I said then and reiterate that isolated incidents do not a trend make. And as to your sentence of reading a dozen tribology papers - too late! I'm already ahead of you on that one. HA!


NatCh said...

"But knowing NatCh, he is completely clueless to this fact...."

Well, mostly clueless, anyway, yeah. I was vaguely aware that there was a connection somewhere but I had no idea who it was. (shrug)

I think that's probably sufficiently clueless to uphold the old "Men are Clueless" dictum. :D

erin said...

Woohoo! I love these contests! Thanks so much.

And I would like to ensure all readers that there were no back-door deals between myself and NatCh. :)

Douglas said...

I should have sentenced you to reading a dozen papers from a journal for sociologists. Tribology papers are too much fun.

Frankly, I'm not convinced that you aren't being feminized by close association with female bloggers. Do you really think you would have come up with the idea of having a blog contest if you hung around just men? You might be writing more about turds and puke, but I doubt you would be holding contests with cash prizes. Look out. Next thing you know you will be wearing subtle perfumes and a kilt.


Chaotic Hammer said...

I'm glad Mrs. E set you straight. I looked through the comments and saw five different ones that used your words. But I didn't want to sound like sour grapes or anything by pointing it out.

Perhaps you should make honorable mention of who it was that used your words so subtly in normal conversation that even you failed to realize that it was being done.

euphrony said...

Actually, sociology holds some interest for me - being a field that I have little practical experience or understanding. And I have done give-a-ways in the past - this makes it something like a once every 12-18 month occurrence. No perfume (highly allergic anyway) but I have too many Scottish friends to poo-poo the wearing of a kilt. If it was good enough for William Wallace, it is good enough for me.

Yes it was your comment. Yes, you used "dongle" in a common sentence. Yes, I recognized your usage. Yes, I took it more as a comment than an entry. Yes, Mrs. E told me I was wrong.

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