Thursday, October 30, 2008


Lil'E with our pumpkinSo, here is our jack-o-lantern for this year's festivities. The difference from years past is that all I did was wield the knife. Lil'E pull out the innards, designed and drew the face, and did a pretty good job of it.

It's been on our front porch since Tuesday night. By the time Saturday comes around, the inside will look like a science experiment in growing mold - gone out of control. The humidity here makes it impossible to keep a pumpkin once you've carved it.

How long will a carved pumpkin last in your neck of the woods?


Susanne said...

We carved ours WAY too early...sometime last week. Yesterday, the top sank to the bottom, and there was black stuff and bugs in it. Yuck! I had to buy another one today. It's okay though...the kids loved doing it last week...they couldn't wait to carve it. But I hate it that we have to carve another I have to scoop out all that gunk all over again tomorrow. :(

NatCh said...

Just carved ours -- I guess I should say "mine" since I'm the only "kid" in the house :) -- day before yesterday. I think last year it lasted about a week, but it's been a bit cooler this year than last.

However, I'll probably chunk it Sunday or Monday, but no later than Tuesday, since I'm headed out of town that day. (shrug)

euphrony said...

O, Susanne, you know better. Lil'E has been begging to carve a pumpkin since the first of the month, but we made her wait. If you notice, thought, the best part of this year's experience was that she pulled everything out of the pumpkin - I didn't touch a thing.

NatCh, I hope you at least let your lovely wife help in the design.

Are we on for dinner while you're here?

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