Sunday, October 05, 2008

Frame of reference

So, round here, we still have a couple of large piles of storm debris in our front yard. If it doesn't get picked up in a day or two we'll get it taken care of our selves. Don't want the grass to die out completely, after all.

They say that Hurricane Ike has left us with something like 15 million cubic yards of debris. It's hard to imagine how much that is without a frame of reference. Here's one. Let's imagine that WALL*E were doing his trash-compacting and stacking job with all this debris, placing it in an area one football field long and three wide. When WALL*E was done stacking, the tower of trash would be over 2400 feet high. That is taller than the current tallest building on earth, the Burj Dubai.

That's a lot of debris.

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Kate McDonald said...

woah- that IS a lot of debris... hope you dig out sooner than later!

thanks for your encouragement on my blog about marriage. its hard and its good to know that others who have experienced its weightiness are also pushing through and learning to see the beauty of it IS the work. may God use all our marriages to refine us!

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