Friday, October 03, 2008

Questions, questions, questions (and music!)

Later this Arts*Music*Justice Tour postermonth I'm planning on heading to the Arts*Music*Justice Tour, featuring Sara Groves, Brandon Heath, Charlie Peacock, Derek Webb, and Sandra McCracken. This whole shebang, organized by Sara Groves, is sponsored by International Justice Mission and Food for the Hungry. I talked about it back in April and the time has finally arrived, with the tour having just started. I must say that I'm excited about all of these artists and can't wait for the show. I read a review from Relevant Magazine and that just got me even more ready.

But, in the meantime, I need a little help from you. Maybe not so much need as want your input. I'm also getting ready to sit down and chat with some of the people from IJM for an post to go up on Inspired to Action, talking about the work they do, things they hope to accomplish, the AMJ tour, and other topics. I've got a list of questions, but what do you guys want to know from IJM?

If you could pose a few questions for IJM, what would you ask them? Fill up my comments with some good ones and I'll pick a few from there to pose the IJM people when we talk.
Oh, and while you're pondering what to posit I'll give you something else to do. Go over to NoiseTrade and find the sampler of music from the AMJ Tour. You'll get a pair of songs each from Sara Groves, Sandra McCracken, Derek Webb, and Charlie Peacock for free, just by telling a few friends about it. You can even use me if you're running out of friends to tell.

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texasinafrica said...

How do you avoid despair in the face of such overwhelming need? How do you keep working when you know you can't save everyone?

Anonymous said...

E., Thanks for highlighting this very important and life-saving ministry. My family is very moved by the work of IJM and would like to be more involved in helping both with what is needed throughout the world and locally. One of my questions is what can my family do locally (near Philly) to help in this important work?


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