Thursday, October 23, 2008

Questions for Charlie and Sara

I've mentioned that I'm going to me going to the Arts*Music*Justice Tour this coming Sunday, potentially a highlight concert for the year with the artists who are part of this tour (Sara Groves, Brandon Heath, Charlie Peacock, Derek Webb, and Sandra McCracken). Anyway, I'm really excited about the concert and the organizations being highlighted by the tour (International Justice Mission and Food for the Hungry).

And then last night I was told that I would get a chance to talk to a couple of the tour artists before the show about why they are doing this - specifically, I'll probably get to sit and chat with Sara Groves and Charlie Peacock. Okay, if it works out that way, chances are I'll be totally babbling gibberish trying to communicate with two of my favorite artists - too much to say, too little time. Nevertheless, I'll record the interview, do my best transcription job, and post it soon over on I2A.

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone had any questions they would ask of IJM, given the chance. Only Texas in Africa and Kevin responded, but they had some good questions: How do you avoid despair in the face of such overwhelming need? How do you keep working when you know you can't save everyone? What can my family do locally to help in this important work?

Any other questions?

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Anonymous said...

Have a great time E! Relevant Magazine's write-up of the event was excellent and I love Sara, Derek and Brandon, especially. If I could talk to Sara, I'd ask her about "I Saw What I Saw" and whether she talks differently to her sons now about poverty, having seen it firsthand. Also, regarding "When The Saints", who are her heros from the Bible? I love the Paul and Silas tribute. And, tell her I'm also a superfan like you and would love to interview her for my "Behind The Song" devotional series. Regarding The IJM show, I wrote a devotional on "Rich Young Ruler" by Derek back in July here:

Douglas said...

I would ask them several questions, if given a chance.

Regarding human rights abuses
1) What are the worst countries for human rights abuses?
2) What countries are doing the most to help make things better in these countries?
3) What are they doing (or not doing) that is helpful?
4) How does your estimate on the ground compare with US or UN reports on human rights abuses? What are the similarities and differences?
5) Are government agencies hampered in ways that you aren't as an NGO? What do you see as the unique, complimentary roles governments and NGOs can play in alleviating human rights abuses around the world?

I'm not sure if they have a good handle on foreign aid in general, but these are questions I would love to ask different foreign aid and government reps to get a good feel for the industry as a whole.

1) What do you see as the necessary preconditions for government aid to be effective in third world countries?
2) What do you see as the necessary preconditions for private aid to work in the third world?
3) What are the most critical aspects for making foreign aid work in general?

I hope you find a couple of these worthwhile. I look forward to reading about your interview.


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