Monday, December 15, 2008

Music Monday: Discussion Questions

  1. Would more people recognize and enjoy new musicians if radio stations would announce the names of the song and artist, like they used to many years ago?
  2. If Rudolph is really the most famous reindeer of all, then why does the song assume we don't recall him?
  3. The book can be found written either way, but does your family call Reindeer # "Donner" of "Donder"?
Discuss. (Partial credit will be given.)

(This is part of the Bloggable Music Network's Music Monday.)


Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

1. I definitely miss hearing the names of artists. At least I can google the lyrics, though, to find a song I hear.

2. Good question.

3. Donner all the way.


JSue said...

1. They should and shame on them if they don't!

2. Because the song was written long ago when cows jumped over moons and blackbirds snapped off noses. Who's gonna remember a red=nosed reindeer? Plus, I think it must have been written for kids.

3. It's Donder, but the "d" is silent - at least in our house.

BTW - I had a great conversation with a little girl named "Lil E" AND...I have a really cute picture of her, if you send me your e-mail, I'll send the picture back. So funny, she was following me everywhere - WE WERE BUDDIES!!! too cute.

~Erin said...

Uh...Donner...was there ever any doubt?

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