Thursday, December 18, 2008

"At least he won't remember it when he grows up"

Today was the Christmas program at Lil'er E's pre-school. As usual, there was a screamer, crying for mommy and daddy. It was Lil'er E. He actually tried to make his escape from the stage and run to us in the audience. Luckily (?) he wasn't alone - there were more screamers this year than in the past three years combined. F.U.N.

So, here he is. Hey, at least Old Saint Nick is jolly.
Lil'er E crying at the Christmas program

The elves look happy, too.
Lil'er E crying at the Christmas program

Oh, and I noticed something else, too. It would seem that my son is cursed with Male Pattern Baldness. Oh, the shame to be marked at such a young age!
male pattern baldness


JSue said...

LOL - it's always funny that you have the criers and the ones that are really into it...then you have my oldest. She just stood there twisting the bottom of her shirt. (When she was three...things might be different now)

You've been tagged...stop by the blog and check it out.

euphrony said...

JSue, I'll try to do the tag but I won't promise anything. First of all, I'm not good at lists and eight eights is just more than my mind can handle. Second of all, I really don't have much time. I mean, look, I was off work for two weeks, "sitting" at home doing "nothing" and only posted every couple of days.

By the way, I hope her shirt didn't get too wrinkled or stretched out from fretting. Will I see a repeat at Sunday's children's program?

JSue said...

That's okay, if you're not cool enough to handle it...

No, she has changed over the past 3 years...

euphrony said...

JSue, if you think that will work on me, you're wrong. Remember, I'm an engineer - I lost my last cool point decades ago ;)

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