Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thursday (in bullet points)

  • Wake up, shower, dress, then wake Lil'E.
  • Prod Lil'E into eating, dressing, and getting out the door. Drop her off at school, while she complains about not remembering all the lyrics for "Feliz Navidad".
  • Run by Sonic for morning drink-stop.
  • Return home to wake Mrs. E and Lil'er E. Prod Mrs. E into acting alive while getting Lil'er E ready for pre-school.
  • Take Lil'er E to pre-school, then return home.
  • Begin enjoying hours of mid-day datetime with Mrs. E.
  • Head out from the house, and eat lunch with Mrs. E at The Cheesecake Factory.
  • Shepherds pie at The Cheesecake Factory is good, but not like what I've had in Scotland.
  • Stroll through the mall and pick out a new light jacket that does not have my old company's logo on it.
  • Leave the mall and go bowling with Mrs. E. Proceed to be totally embarrassed as I average 85 over two games, get beat the first game by 40, and slide down the alley after a foot fault turned into a total loss of dignity.
  • Realize that bowling only once every 18 months does not leave one in decent shape to be a consistent bowler. Big surprise.
  • Leave the bowling alley and head by Sonic for the afternoon drink-stop. Drop Mrs. E off at the house to let her have a few minutes alone while I go pick up Lil'er E from school.
  • Drop Lil'er E off at the house, realizing he would be totally flipping out while waiting to pick up big sis.
  • Leave to pick up Lil'E from kindergarten. Come home and help with her homework.
  • Play with the kids for a few minutes, then bundle the family into the car to go see Bolt at the Movie Tavern.
  • Watch the kids enjoy lots of popcorn, fries, corndogs, and a movie about a dog. On a school night.
  • Come home, tuck the kids in bed, relax with Mrs. E, and write this blog.


erin said...

Aww, what a fun day! A midday date sounds great. And Cheesecake Factory=yummy!

Chaotic Hammer said...

Cool, sounds like you're enjoying your time off.

I bowled while in California last month, for the first time in over ten years, and yeah -- it was sad and embarrassing, and left me kinda sore in various places.

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