Friday, December 19, 2008

So, what did you do on Wednesday?

Let's see. On Wednesday, I woke up, got showered and ready for work, work up the kids and Mrs. E, then headed out to my third day on a new job. After that I spent most of the day sorting through a bunch of new information at my new job and started to do some real work instead of just getting to know the place. Then I left work, picked up Mrs. E and the kids, ate dinner with them and attended a mid-week bible class at our church. Tucking the kids in and going to bed rounded it out.

Pretty average and boring day, wouldn't you say?

But the people at IJM in South Asia were a little more busy than me. They stayed up for the better part of 24 hours as they raided a business and rescued 19 people from slavery! One man was held there with his children and grandchildren. A little girl, nine years old, has pneumonia - I can only imagine how her disease would have progressed under the slave owners, and pray that she can recover in the hands of people who care for her, now.

Now, that's an exciting day! Kinda makes me feel like a slacker. But, I do what I can in this process - and so can you. Prayer is the first step, and considering some kind of monetary support. But there really is more that we can do, without ever leaving our living rooms. Go read some of what Gary Haugen had to say to me last week when I asked him some questions about this. Or go read Anne's post - she took better notes and has some great quotes from the chat.

child slave in a cageHonestly, I am throwing this out as a challenge. I know that a lot of people (at least three or four!) read this blog. No one wants to talk about modern slavery, or women and children (even under five) being sold for sex. It's uncomfortable, and frankly a bit repulsive. But as long as speaking the truth is taboo, this disease will fester and grow. We know the Great Physician; so let's implore Him to heal this rot.

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Brad Ruggles said...

I've written some on my blog about this issue. I love Gary Haugen and his ministry. They inspire me and provoke me to pray and do more. What an awesome opportunity to have talked with him.

euphrony said...

Thanks for dropping by. I've not hit your site recently - I like the new look.

Yeah, it was a great chance to talk with Gary Haugen. He's been places and seen things that no one should ever have to experience. The fact that he has been able to come out of it with hope and motivation rather than fall into the abyss of despair is remarkable in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you continue to bring up this issue and to highlight the work that IJM is doing. It is a sickening thing to think about but I hope to eventually push back that feeling into more action. I already feel very heavy hearted about the topic, and something needs to continue to be done about it.

Anonymous said...

Child slavery is a real issue and most people turn a blind eye as they either dont want to face the trueth or really not bothered- modern living to them is fun. I find it a shame that young children are used in sweat shops to produce high end items- I find it a disgrace that the items are bought, so when I came across your blog I thought- good at least there is one other out there with similar concerns

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