Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Santa

Really, this is pretty much just plain wrong. Check it out - a 25' (or 30', it's at least as tall as that two-story house) inflatable Santa! I'm calling Dr. Venkman. And The Cachinnator, because I know how much he loves these things.
giant inflatable Santa

What's your opinion of this - holiday cheer or monstrosity?

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NatCh said...

My opinion? You already know that things like that make me think fondly of a bow and a broadhead arrow -- in other words: target. ;)

euphrony said...

NatCh, you'd have to be blind and a mile away to miss hitting this thing. I think it could house a family of four comfortably.

Carla Hays said...

Oh, don't get me started! WHY do people think huge inflatable Santas on Harleys (that's one I've seen here in Southern Illinois) are cute? I hate them. What's worse is they've got them for every holiday!! Huge turkeys for Thanksgiving, and big, haunted ugly things for Halloween! I want to put a sign up in my yard that reads "This sign is to wish you all a (fill in the blank), and is in lieu of a big, ugly, TACKY, blow-up thingy!"
C. Hayd

Romans 16:1 said...

I agree on the tacky part... o.O

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