Sunday, December 07, 2008

Repair Cat

When you think of brilliant people capable of fixing anything, who comes to mind? That guy at the car shop around the corner, your uncle Bob, Scotty from Star Trek? How about Fluffy? (Yes, my cat is named Fluffy. You got a problem with that?)

Well, here's the story of how Fluffy, Repair Cat, managed to fix my broken iPod.

sad ipodSide story: So, I quit my job last Monday. You know that, I assume. On my way out I had to empty my work computer of personal files - including music. Did I mention that all of these files were not on any other computer? And I was in the process of transferring these to backup at home - with my iPod as the transfer device. And then I come home and a couple of days later (before I could backup the files and music) my iPod started displaying the "Sad iPod" icon. Which, I'm told, means my hard drive is fried.

Yes, my iPod crashed! With irreplaceable files and music on it! AHHHHH!

I go in to the local Apple store at the mall, make an appointment, and talk to the people at the "Genius" Bar. Personally, I think they have more bar than genius there, but . . . Anyway, they listen to my iPod (repair by intuiting?) and tell me I can get a new/recycled one for only $210, and too bad about the songs and data.

Not being satisfied with losing hundreds of dollars worth of music, I decided to do some investigation on my own. It turns out that there are a great many people dissatisfied with the service at the "Genius" bar. It turns out that many people who see the "Sad iPod" have a much simpler problem than a crashed hard drive - its as easy as the hard drive cable has come loose. Now, most people find the solution to be opening the iPod, unplugging and replugging the cable. Other, less sophisticated repairmen, find flinging the iPod against the wall an effective solution. Being a tad more adept than a monkey, I decided to get up, get some tools, and pop open the iPod.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to the repair table. Fluffy (you remember, my cat) decided to trip me. The iPod slipped from my grasp and fell three feet to the floor - thonk! I figure, some people find this to be a fix so lets give it a try. Sure enough, the iPod starts right up. Thanks, Fluffy! I really appreciate your help. And thanks, but no thanks "Genius" bar people - I'm going straight to the cat next time.

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Brenda said...

LOL! I loved that story! And thanks for the helpful information, when someday I may see that "sad ipod" icon. We also have a fluffy cat (not her name) and I'll put her to work. Glad everything turned out well. :)

Anonymous said...

omg i am rolling on the floor about your poor fluffy! Try for ipod repair they can fix just about anything as i used the to fix an iphone and an ipod mini of mine.

texasinafrica said...

I despise the Genius bar. Despise. Good for Fluffy!

But you should still back up everything! In my experience, a dropped ipod only temporarily repairs itself. Of course, not dragging it across mile after mile of bumpy African "roads" probably helps... :)

euphrony said...

I should note that 1) I am already backing up what is on the now functioning iPod, 2) the only reason I've had trouble is because I was caught in transition, and 3) as soon as I've finished the backup, I'll open the iPod and make sure the fix sticks.

And I'll try to avoid African "roads", and a few Houston ones, as well.

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