Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lather, rinse, repeat

Streptococcus pneumoniaeExhibit A: Wednesday, February 11th - stomach bug. I was the third in the family to get it.

Exhibit B: Sunday, February 15th - ingrown toenail. My toe still hurts from where the doctor cut out the nail. And frankly, I'm not sure if I preferred having my toe numbed for the nail removal or would rather have suffered that pain and not the extremely painful shots in my toe.

Exhibit C: Wednesday, February 18th - strep throat. Yep, this is the second time in four months I've had strep.

I am so sick of being sick!


texasinafrica said...

Ugh. Hope your whole family is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Hope you guys get better soon.
Believe me when I say that you should be very glad that you had the numbing shot to remove the toe nail, it's extremely painful otherwise. I've had it done to me, and also used to have to remove ingrown toenails on people when I was a nurses aide.

Strep for adults is so awful too, hope you feel better.

JSue said...

Did you break a mirror or something lately...?

euphrony said...

TiA, I agree.

Kristin, I don't envy you that job. People's feet can be pretty disgusting.

JSue, no mirrors broken. Although I did kick over some guys lunch box and spill a big bottle of salt the other day, while I was walking under a ladder. It was the black cat rubbing up against my legs that made me.

Did I mention that we think Lil'E is like Typhoid Mary for strep? Last fall, Mrs. E and I both got it, but she didn't. She has had like four of her classmates out with strep in the last week, and she had to be the one to bring it home to me, but she's not sick. I wish her the best for such luck, but please stop getting me sick!

Anonymous said...

I thought my sickness track record was bad. Yours is much worse. I hope you get better and stay better soon!

JSue said...

Now, where did I put that 4-leaf clover...? Hmmm...must be in the box with my horseshoe and rabbit's foot!

It's a nice night out, maybe you and the Mrs should sit outside and watch for a shooting star? Or is it a falling star??? Well, whatever - just start making your wishes now!!

Unknown said...

Same here!!! Sick sick sick!! eech! Well, get better soon.

euphrony said...

Rm 16:1 - thanks for stopping by. You've been here several times recently - do I know you?

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