Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mrs. E!

Today, Mrs. E celebrates her 30th birthday. She should do well, as she has had a few years practicing being 30. (Hint: she's still not older than Jesus.) Ah, well, she ain't all that old, and she's still younger than me.

I love her so much that I got the whole nation to throw a party in her honor. Sure, for some people I had to use the ruse of a silly football game to get them to throw a party; but we all know the real reason for today's celebration.

Any birthday wishes out there? Feel free to embarrass her all you want - I know I do every day.


Chaotic Hammer said...

Happy Birthday to Mrs. E!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

annie said...

The Bowl used to fall on my birthday from time to time, until it got pushed back a week. I always thought that was fun...

Happy Bday (a day late)!

Cristy said...

Yikes, I'm a couple days late, but hope your birthday was great Mrs E!

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