Saturday, February 28, 2009

2y (24m) (731d)

Yesterday was a big day - Liler'E turned 2 years old. That is, 24 months, or 731 days (last year was leap year). Just look at how happy he is! (Of course, if you had that much food on your face, you'd be happy, too.)
Lil'er Euphrony with a happy food face
Big party today - Elmo themed, for the Elmo lover. A few friends (as "friendly" as a kid just turning two gets) and some family. At least, everyone who isn't sick. But he's happy today, and having fun.

No more computer for me today - it's all party from here on out.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to him!!

erin said...

Aww, he does look super happy. How fortunate that he was born on the 28th and not the 29th! I have a friend whose birthday is Feb. 29, so he jokes that he is now 7 and 1/4 years old.

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