Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So sweet

I love my little girl. Of course, what sane father doesn't end up wrapped around his daughter's finger? Little E is stubborn as a mule (just like both her parents), is deaf like a teenager, and falls apart at the least little things. But, that's small compared to how sweet and beautiful she is - inside and out.

Little EuphronyHere are a couple of snippets of recent conversations:

  • Saturday night I was driving her and Lil'er E around to go pick up Mrs. E's birthday cake. I had my iPod playing on shuffle and she commented that she liked several of the songs. Then she told me "Dad, if a radio station has a competition you really have to enter your iPod! You'd win for sure!" Thanks for liking dad's music so much. I don't remember what was playing exactly, beyond an Enya song and some old Rich Mullins.
  • After listening to "If I Stand" and I told her that was Rich Mullins (I've been introducing some more of his music, lately) she said that he sure wrote a lot of good songs (true). After thinking for a minute she asked me "Dad, why can't we talk to God like they did in the bible [meaning face to face]. I wish we could talk to God like that." So do I, little girl, so do I.
  • Tonight at bedtime I asked Lil'E if there was anyone she wanted to pray for. After acting shy for a minute she said she wanted to pray for a boy at school - he's been mean to her and her friends and she wanted to pray for him.
  • On Sunday she drew a beautiful birthday card for Mrs. E. I tore it out of the sketch pad along the perforation, so she could give it to her mom. But, in doing so, tore off a small piece of one letter in Mrs. E's name. It was ruined, an she was inconsolable for hours. Literally, hours of crying. She just wanted the perfect card for mom.
Love ya, big girl! You're a sweetie and you make mom and I proud!


Amy said...

She sounds like a real sweetie!

euphrony said...

I'll keep her. It's nice to be idolized a little - but when she really discovers other men besides her daddy it'll be a crushing blow.

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