Saturday, August 26, 2006

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We had a great lesson this past Sunday from our pulpit minister, Ross Thompson. He really opened his heart and took a risk of getting an earful from a few people, but he had some really good words to say. He is preaching a series on church identity - who we are, as the church. He was addressing the identity crisis that the church is in; how we struggle to find a definition of ourselves as traditional, progressive, relevant, whatever. It is about 40 minutes, but is well worth listening to. You can listen via
iTunes podcast or by Windows Media file. If you take the time to listen, even to just a piece, tell me what you think.

(Shaun Groves has been working on a 4+ part series on "HOW RELEVANT IS RELEVANT?" that is also well worth reading. If you have not yet, check it out.)

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euphrony said...

Just to clarify, in case some of your were wondering, we are not having major issues in our congregation. Really, we are in about the same place as many others as we seek to please God in our worship. Ross is addressing this in more of a proactive way.


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