Saturday, August 26, 2006

New baby pictures

New Baby Euphrony at 12-1/2 weeksWhat proud daddy doesn't want to show off new pictures of his baby. Okay, so the new baby is still two trimesters away from leaving mommy, and he or she (still cannot tell yet) is only around 4-inches long. I'm still proud and we have a picture. The picture to the left is of the expected baby of Mr. and Mrs. Euphrony, at just short of 13-weeks into the pregnancy.

Of course, at this stage, a picture of the baby's face strongly resembles an alien. But, it is a cute alien, don't you think. New baby euphrony looks a lot like big sister Tabitha (pictured on the right). For those unfamiliar with ultrasound images, this is how it comes out looking in the picture. Tabitha is no more alien than is mommy or daddy. I think.

Baby Tabitha at 20 weeksThe great thing about this is that the ultrasound was totally free. As in no cost to me or the insurance company. How, you may ask, is this possible? Well, it is so simple that you wonder more people are not clued in to this fact. You see, all ultrasound techs - and doctors who need to interpret the data - need to be trained in using the ultrasound. And when they are being trained, they need good examples to view under ultrasound. Thus, for someone needing to learn how to view and analyze a child in utero, the best example is a pregnant woman. So, we find out about this, go down there with an appointment, and get an ultrasound. First, the instructor checks out the baby, and then we donate a little time for a few others to see what they can see. And so, ladies and gentlemen, the free ultrasound. No harm done (after all, they say, its just some sound waves) and we get a beautiful picture and reassurance that our baby is doing just fine.

I like it.

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Chaotic Hammer said...

First of all, congratulations. :-)

And yes, it does look like an alien or something. But I think sometimes they can't get a good angle, and it looks like you got a really good one.

Vanderbilt University here in Nashville does tons and tons of free medical care for the same reason -- research and training. It ends up being very beneficial for everyone involved.

euphrony said...

Honestly, I've never heard of any of my friends or acquaintances who have done this. It makes me wonder why not. I mean, insurance only covers so much of anything, and this is free. Why do you not hear of more people who are told about or take advantage of such opportunities? While we were there, the half-dozen in the training class (one man, the rest ladies) were hoping on and off another table to be examined by fellow classmates using another ultrasound. (Oh, look, there's your bladder. And that is your ovaries, and . . .) They needed the practice, but did not have the volunteers to do much more than self-examinations. Bizarre.

And, because the training lasted through Saturday, I was able to be there without missing work.

Seth Ward said...

Many congrats my friend. Thats just wonderful. What a great thing to know as well. When we get a bun in the oven eventually, we will try the free ultra sound as well. However, I am thinking about doing the old-fashioned "is it a boy or girl?" thing up to the last month. Just to build suspense. Suggested?

euphrony said...

With our bambino, we did not want to know a gender, either. We went in for an ultrasound at 20 weeks more for the check on the baby's health (so we could be prepared if need be) and for the memorabilia (picture). The suspense was great, a big suprise to have a daughter. With this child, I think we will find out the gender. It will help Tabitha in preparing to be a big sister - even though she acts like she could be a mother.

Amy said...

Congratulations!! How fun and exciting. And very cool about the free ultrasound.

euphrony said...

Thanks for stopping by. The free ultrasound is kinda nice; I won't complain. You do need your doctors recommendation, but that usually shouldn't be a problem. The only thing keeping more people from doing this is the lack of knowledge that it goes on. Just spreading the word.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, man! I wonder what other free training services there are out there... Masseusts? Pilots? Colonoscopists?

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