Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Titillated to Boredom

Every day, as I commute between home and work (about 12 miles), I drive by three (count 'em, three) strip clubs. After you make the drive a few thousand times, you start to notice a few things, even about the places you try to avoid. For example, one of the clubs always posts on their sign what the lunch and dinner buffets are. Another one has taken to advertising their big screen TV’s as a great place to watch various sporting events.

It struck me today just how odd this is. I mean, I would have assumed that anyone entering one of these three places would be rather distracted by the club’s primary business, but it would seem not. Apparently, the titillating is now so mainstream, so commonplace, that it has become boring. This spoke volumes to me when I though about it. We, as a society, have so over-indulged our desires that we have become blasé to things that should affront us.

The point is this - I am going to start looking at my own life to see where apathy may be taking hold and convincing me that my sin is little more than a foible. What do you think: where have we as a society, and we as the church, become accustomed to our own actions and lost the will of God?

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