Monday, August 14, 2006

What a weekend

I need a break. We had a very full weekend, but definitely a good one. It all started on Friday afternoon. We dropped off Tabitha with some friends and Erin and I, to celebrate our 10th anniversary, went downtown and had The Lion Kingdinner at a fabulous restaurant (for those who live in Houston, check out Mia Bella Trattoria at Main and Preston, great food and our favorite restaurant). After dinner, we headed over to the Hobby center to see the touring production of The Lion King, which was fabulous. By the time we got out of the show, picked up Tabitha, and got home it was around 12:30. A late night for our family.

So, what do we do to recover from a late Friday night - on Saturday we get up early and drive up to College Station for a reunion of a bunch of college friends. We had 14 adults and, get this,

16 kids (and one couple doesn't have kids yet). Have you ever felt seriously outnumbered? That was Saturday. It was good to see everyone; most of these folks we only get to see once a year at this reunion. You try to keep the kid's names straight, thought; I'm not up to the task. After a full day of water play, hot dogs, smoked pork and brisket, and no dairy anywhere (one child has a severe dairy allergy) we were exhausted. Tabitha showed this by throwing a fit at bed time (part tired, part I'm hungry because I didn't eat my dinner). Oh, yeah, she also woke me up several times during the night to tell me to stop snoring! The picture above was taken Saturday afternoon in the Flag Room of the Memorial Student Center, where we used to hang out in between classes.

On Sunday, we all got up and went to the church we attended during college then went to one couples house for lunch. Erin, Tabitha, and I had to head back to Houston pretty quick, because Erin is working on a play that will perform over Labor Day weekend. It is being put on by BIRTH, an organization that seeks to better inform women about the birth process and choices they have. The play is a collection of interwoven monologues giving the perspective of seven women's birth stories. Erin is playing one of the of women, as well as assistant directing. So, we get home and Erin heads off for rehearsal.

Busy weekend, but it's over now. Time to relax with my "easy" work week. Maybe I'll get luck and slip into a delusional state where work gets done, but I get relaxed and rested. Maybe. Maybe not.

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