Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mrs. E!

Mrs. E with the kids

Some years ago (just how many, I won't say) a little girl was born. As she grew, she learned many things: how to have a soft heart toward people, how to act and direct plays, how to teach others (and hold a class in line), how to love children, even how to love a fool like me. Today is her special day, and since I have a soapbox I'm going to use it.

Mrs. E with Liler'EI love you, Mrs. E! Happy Birthday!

You are the better part of my life, and without you many of the things and memories I hold dearest would never have come to be. We've had rough times and we've had good times; our friendship endures through it all. My heart jumps every time I look in your direction. I cannot imagine a better mother for our children. Nor can I imagine a better mate for my life. I wouldn't want anyone else to beat me at Skip-Bo, my Skip-Bo Queen. I love to hear you laugh at my inane jokes, even if you call them cheesy. And I love to see your smile when something makes you happy.

Today is your birthday. We may not have big plans, just a family outing tonight, but know that you are in my heart and you are my love.


Cristy said...

This post has me in tears it's so sweet!

Happy Birthday Mrs. E!

erinlo said...

Happy birthday Erin!!!! I hope this year is wonderful for you. I love you dearly- I hope you know that. We need a chat- a good long chat between the "Erin's". Love, Erin

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of Mrs E with my neice and nephew! Adorable. I hope my husband (your bro) can say the same things about me!

Anne said...

This is very sweet. Hope Mrs. E had a wonderful birthday!

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