Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pray for some friends

But the Union University campus was perhaps hardest hit.

Candra Pennington, a senior, told CNN there were 15 students in her dorm when the warning sirens went off.

"We went to look at the weather and we realized we couldn't get the door open," she said. "We had to get all 15 girls in the bathroom. As we were closing the bathroom door, the debris, the windows were shattering in with us, the ceiling began to fall on us. We were able to get the door shut just in time to keep ourselves safe from all of the debris that fell out into the room.

Classes have been canceled for two weeks to allow for cleanup.
(from CNN's coverage)

This is from the aftermath of a series of savage storms to strike Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, and Arkansas last night. The women's dorms at Union University were destroyed by the tornado. Some of Mrs. E and my best friends live in Jackson, Tennessee - she teaches at Union. I talked to him briefly this morning: their house took some roof damage, and the attic window was blown out. They have no electricity and the phone lines are down; but they do have gas for heating (very good, since it is in the 40s there this morning). Overall, he tells me that they are the people in good shape right now - others there were much harder hit.

Please, pray for my friends, and for the people affected by last nights storms. Erin (who won Kat's captcha contest) also teaches at Union, so pray for her and her husband, as well.

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Anonymous said...

hope everyone is ok, that was a scary storm!

Chaotic Hammer said...

My next-door neighbor's daughter is a student at Union. Her description of the event was almost identical to the girl in the CNN article -- I wonder if it was one of her roommates?

My daughter lives up in Franklin now (about 15 minutes from us), and was only a few miles from the path of the long-range supercell which eventually passed directly over downtown Nashville, and killed a number people along the way.

We had severe thunderstorms and high winds, but managed to miss the supercells with the tornadoes.

euphrony said...

Glad to hear you're all okay. Pretty bad storm system.

erin said...

Euphrony, thank you so much for the prayers. Stephen and I are fine, and our apartment suffered no damage, which is amazing b/c I'm sure it's cheaply made. :) We lost power for about 8 hours, but that is nothing compared to what the students have been through. We drove by campus earlier, and I just started bawling because it looks like a war zone, or like someone dropped a bomb right onto the dorms. I just keep praising God over and over for sparing the lives of all involved. It's truly a miracle. The recovery process is going to be long and difficult, so continue to pray for the students, and specifically one of my students, David Wilson, who is in the hospital in critical care. I'll update as I find out more.

I'm sorry to hear Janna and her husband are without power; I hope it's restored soon. Let me know what you hear about them. I'm out of contact with a lot of people as my phone only works sporadically. You can email me at

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