Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Like a 1960's French film, only different

Whilst my noggin begins to recover from yet another round of paper authoring, I shall fill the empty space on this blog with fluffy stuff.

I'll begin with free association:
cat - hat - french - chat chapeau - violin strings

Next, the Rorschach test:
cow skull

Are you with me so far? Good.

Following is the hand-eye coordination test.
Yep, my 1-year old son's razor-sharp claws can find my eyes with no problem.

Finally, mental acuity:
1 + 1 = banana

Who was the first president of the United States? Guy Fawkes

Where do Amphibians live? Outer Amphibia

What is the shape of Pipkin curve for a visco-elasto-plastic material at high strain and frequency? Round. Duh!

We will continue with intelligent conversation outside the bailiwick of rheology once my brain functions on a normal level.


Amy said...

is that vegemite toast crunch stuff for real? NASTY!

Wayward Son said...

Dude, great quiz, except you gave us all the answers...

euphrony said...

General Mills does not list Vegemite Toast Crunch on their website of "Big G Cereals". So, either they don't really make it or know enough to keep it quiet.

Jeff, feel free to answer them yourself. I'm eager to hear your take on the Pipkin curves.

Anne said...

Pipkin what?

Case & Kani Herrington said...

Euph, your illustration reminds me of the jar of vegemite/axel grease that I procurred from my trip to NZ a few years back. I never ate any of course. Kani may have made me throw it away, can't remember...I'm going to go look for it....

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