Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Things I learned last night

Here are three things I learned last night:

  1. I'm a total loser: After helping tuck the kids in bed last night, I decided that I really needed some me time. I told Mrs. E that I was going to catch a late movie. I went to see The Bucket List - it was a pretty good movie. It stars Morgan Freeman, playing a man facing his impending mortality, and Jack Nicholson, playing Jack Nicholson. I was the only person in the theater. The only person. I feel like such a loser; but I don't really care, because at least it was an undisturbed viewing of the movie.

  2. Never trust my children at bedtime: As I said, I tucked in the kids before leaving. Liler'E I put in bed around 8:00. He is Mrs. E's child: when he is tired you better get him in bed. Lay him in his bed and he'll sit up, watch you go and maybe cry a little, and then he'll jackknife. Literally, he folds over at the waist, head between his feet, and zonks out. He'll find a more comfortable position later. When I got home from the movie, Mrs. E was getting him back in bed after he woke up coughing (he's never really gotten over that bout of RSV he had at Christmas), but that didn't take long. Lil'E, on the other hand, is my child. I tucked her in bed around 8:45 and told her to go to sleep. When I got home, at midnight, Mrs. E was laying Liler'E back in bed and realized she heard sounds coming from Lil'E's room. Peeking in, she found that Lil'E had not, in fact, gone to sleep but had been playing quietly in her room for the last three hours. Did I mention that it was midnight? Did I mention that I did (okay, do) the same thing? Never trust my child to go to sleep at bedtime. Ever.

  3. At bedtime, you can never have too many snugglies: Lil'E taught me this, too. One snugglie is not enough. In fact, two rarely fills the bill. At times, we wonder how Lil'E finds room to sleep on her bed with so many stuffed animals collected in such a small space. But, judging from the peaceful, content look on her (finally!) sleeping face, you really can't have too many.
So, what did you learn yesterday? Anything? Nothing - why not?

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Amy said...

Yesterday I learned that not going outside of the building all day makes for a very long day!

I would LOVE to be the only one or have myself and whoever I was with be the only ones in a movie theater! MUCH better than someone talking through the whole thing or making comments on editing or someone's mole, or whatever.

euphrony said...

(forgot to tell Mrs. E this)

The girl who sold me my ticket asked me "Just one?" "Yes," I said. To which she replied, simply, "Why?" Makes one feel rather loserish.

Amy said...


Cristy said...

I learned that when my 16yo doesn't feel well, he milks it for every possible minute! Of course, I already knew this, but I learned it again last night. :)

I learned that girlfriends are a blessing! Of course, I already knew that, too, but it was again confirmed in a conversation last night.

I learned that a husband with a new laptop can spend an entire evening without saying much more to anyone than the blessing at dinner! (which he quickly ate so he could get back to his new laptop.) ;)

I've been wanting to see The Bucket List...would you recommend it?

euphrony said...

New laptop = hours of fun!

I would recommend the movie. Jack Nicholson is, as always, Jack Nicholson. Brash, rough language, and somewhat perverse. But they don't let him take over the show, and it works really well. Morgan Freeman, as always, turns in a great performance. I'll see it again sometime, when Mrs. E can watch it with me.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what I'm more impressed with: the fact that Lil E stayed up to midnight or the fact that any child in our family could entertain themselves for 3 hours!

Our little one now loves to sleep naked, doffing her diaper and pJ's at no telling what time.

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