Friday, February 15, 2008

Welcome to the neighborhood

Hey everybody. There's a new kid on the blog-block. Case is a friend of mine, who happens to have a small predatory animal (aka teething son) a little older than my own Liler'E. He recently started blogging, and so far I've enjoyed his humor. Here are some excerpts.

On failed attempts at reverse psychology:

#7) "Chase, here's the sharpies, there's the dining room wall. Go be Picaso."
#4) "Is that the furthest you can pull the tissue paper off the roll?
Go for it! Pretend you're in Cirque du Soleil."
#1) "Go play hide and seek with Mommy & Daddy's passports."
On being ignored by Queen Elizabeth:
It was a neat experience to see a famous person so close up, and it really made Kani's day. I enjoyed it too...the only true royalty that I'd ever been close to before was Andy Rooney on 43rd & 7th Ave.
On his year-old son's ability to track down food:
You see...he's kind of like those raptors in Jurassic Park. He plans. He remembers.
On the New England Patriots:
Football heroes should never come from a region of the United States whose main contribution to society is baked beans & Marky Mark prancing around in his underoos.

Be a good neighbor. Drop by and say hi. Tell him Euphrony sent you. And he won't turn away some brownies or a plate of cookies, either.

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Case & Kani Herrington said...

Thanks for the kind and generous plug, brutha!! I owe you some pizza rolls at DDave's-all you can eat. We can even bring our little carnivors.

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