Friday, February 29, 2008


I love traditions. I really do. Being an Aggie it almost comes naturally. There's a saying, along the lines of "if something happens once it's coincidence, twice it's a tradition".

Some traditions, however, I can do without.

Like the newly established traditional gift for Liler'E. The gift of disease. For Christmas, the poor kid got RSV and ran a fever up to 104°F. Now, for his birthday, our little trouper has a double ear infection.

I don't know who keeps giving him these presents, but I wish they'd stop! How about a nice savings bond, instead?


Anonymous said...

man, I am sorry ! Poor little guy. Our kids were sick with various things from the end of Dec. through Jan. It gets very tiring.

The Secret Life of Kat said...

Bummer...I hope he gets better soon.

Anne said...

It's so hard when they are little. Hope he gets to feelin' better soon.

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