Thursday, July 10, 2008

The 40 Day Fast: Catching Up

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Have you been keeping up with the people involved in the 40 Day Fast? I hope so, I really do. There have been some great posts over the last 18 days, and we're looking forward to some more great stuff. I regret not having given a blurb about each one, but I've been so swamped that I have not had much of a chance (especially with the long vacation). I have taken the time to read what each of these people have had to say, where God has been leading their hearts to action. Here's a few highlights:

  • Licia is a nurse who works in Haiti. Don't read her post, or any of her blog, without being prepared to weep for the conditions that we in the USA find deplorable but people around the world call "normal".
  • Gene and Crystal have written about the Dalit people of India. Don't know about the Dalit? Read how the caste system has declared them "untouchable" and how groups are working to change their lives.
  • Tim told us how by simply talking about how we do the things we take for granted (how to use a bank/ATM, how to manage money, paying taxes) SIFE has helped to put refugees in Tennessee on the road to economic independence.
  • Several people have talked about the importance of clean water, highlighting groups like Blood:Water Mission, LifeStraw, and Charity: Water.
  • Mama's Boy and Kat have highlighted how we can care for the needs of the elderly.
The point is simple - there are so many things that we can do, very easily, that will change the world. We can plead God to save someone half a world away, or we can implore Him to save the person a block away from our house. We just need to do something.

Have you been following along with the 40 Day Fast? I know many of my normal readers are also the people who I've worked with to organize this or are people who are passionate about what it is all about. But there others who come through this rambling mess of a blog, and I want to take this special moment to draw your attention to this. Changing the world is all about small steps, with God making the ripple we make into a tsunami of hope and love.

Look at that calendar-thingy I put on the left sidebar - you can't miss it, it's huge. Click through to the bloggers on Team #1 and Team #2 for every day, and you'll see people who want to fulfill the proclamation the "the kingdom of heaven is at hand". Read their thoughts, and encourage them if you can in their fasting for heaven's sake, for God's name. Pray that you may know God's urging in your own lives.

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thanks for this update. and thanks for keeping the challenge alive.

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