Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just past half-way

The count, at just past half-way through the family vacation.

  • 880 miles traveled so far
  • 45 minutes of children sleeping in the car
  • 1 child who actually slept
  • 3 places we have slept
  • 2 more places to sleep before home
  • 1 Pixar movie seen by Lil'E, NatCh, and myself
  • 2 museums visited (one art and one science)
  • 1 dinner plan canceled because of 1 bee
  • 2 children waking up way too early every day
  • 1 barbershop convention, with attendees at this hotel (and singing in the lobby at 10:00 pm)
Lots of fun! I'm practically bouncing off the walls! This picture pretty much says it all.
This pretty much says it all


Mrs TD said...

We can totally feel your pain! When you take a driving vacation, you need another vacation when you return to recover from the vacation.

Barbershop convention?!?!? I am so jealous...when I was a kid we were heavily involved in both Barbershop and Sweet Adelines. I always loved the way the harmonies sounded.

Princess TD is missing Lil'E, so tell her hi!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are adorable.

euphrony said...

Annie - thanks. I like 'em pretty well.

Mrs. TD - the barbershop singers in the lobby seemed just a bit, uh, goofy. It seemed cool to me when I was in high school, but not so much these days. They did sound good, though. We told Lil'E hi from Princess TD.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your prayers yesterday. I'm certain that they (along with prayers of others) sustained me through the fast. Didn't really ever get hungry, actually.

Your vacation sounds fun... and hectic all rolled into one.

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