Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moving hearts

Yesterday, Brody told us about UNICEF. We hear about the UN programs through the news, but thanks to Brody we have a better idea what UNICEF is doing to help save children around the world.

Lori also blogged yesterday, very much from her heart. She talked about how she feels her own inadequacies, even as her family struggles with her husbands terminal cancer. If only we all felt so strongly about doing more.

Today, Natalie Grant talks about the domestic problem of human trafficking and sex slavery. It's hard to swallow, but this is not a problem for other, less refined countries; it's our problem, as well.

Also, Kjaere blogs about the persecuted church. It still happens, even today. Pray for the persecuted.

Finally, Charley has been so moved by the fast that he feels compelled to talk about it. He's been interviewing the people at Inspired to Action and some of the bloggers for the 40 Day Fast and playing it on his weekly radio show and putting it on his blog as podcasts. I talked to him for a while last night. Thanks, Charley, for do so much to talk about I2A and the 40 Day Fast.

God is moving hearts!


Douglas said...

I can support most organizations being promoted by the 40 day fast wholeheartedly. However, UNICEF is not one of them. While they do a lot of great work, unfortunately, they also promote abortion through such programs as ""Deliver Now for Women and Children." Back in 2004, they even lobbied the New Zealand parliament against a proposal requiring parental consent for abortion. Until they stop promoting the killing of our offspring, I will be limit my support to other worthy organizations which do no such thing.


Miss Mandy said...

Help! I need the email address to send you my post to preview. For some reason...it got deleted. Sorry.

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