Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey, Ma, I'm on that radio thingy over yonder!

So, if you haven't been following, your's truly will be on the radio "live" this afternoon. Charley, the nice guy at Cross Driven Radio talked to me a few nights ago and will be playing his interview with me on this afternoon's broadcast next Thursday's show (schedule change). Go on over to his website, and notice on the right-hand side where he tells you how to listen live over to the webcast from 2-3 eastern time on WEBR. This week you can hear Charley talking to Brody and Amy. Sharing the show with me next week will be Kristin, also from Inspired to Action. We both talk about blogging, I2A, the 40 Day Fast, and other things. If you miss the show, he'll have the podcast up on his site in a few days.

Here's the thing. I can't listen in. You see, I'll be at a rheology conference all next week, and when the show runs I be sitting in on some great talks about rheology. Even if I were at work, like on a normal Thursday, I couldn't listen; my work blocks all streaming media, so no chance. So, if you listen, please tell me I don't sound goofy and that I didn't make a fool of myself. I'll even pretend that you're right when I finally hear the podcast. Thanks.

Oh, and speaking of the 40 Day Fast, tomorrow's the last day. It has been a phenomenal 40 days, with some great posts. For my money, if you have missed a lot of posts and don't feel you can catch up with all of them, then just try reading Nancy's post from yesterday. She's not the best writer in the world, but she wrote with passion about a subject that too many of us are ignorant of or choose to ignore - the trafficking of children into sex slavery. As the father of a little girl, the simple thought of such things occurring - even in the "civilized and safe" U.S.A. - brings me to my knees with gratitude that she is safe today and in prayer for those who cry out to be rescued.

Tomorrow, we are inviting everyone to join in the fast. If you missed out, or if you want to spend one extra day in dedication, the join in tomorrow as we collectively fast. Blog about how this fast has been moving you - what have you done to join in? A big part of the idea is to move people to action. What action are you taking? Lets talk about that tomorrow. There will be a link tool up on Inspired to Action where you can link to your blog as you talk about why you are fasting.

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