Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What to do when your daughter is with the grandparents

Well, obviously, you paint her room!

When we had asked her some time ago how she wanted her room painted, we expected her to tell us pink princesses (or something like that). She surprised us and told us she wanted ladybugs and daisies. So, we painted the room a bright color, and then did nothing for a while. (Okay, I was procrastinating! Fine, I admitted it.)

After a while, I got around to painting some ladybugs on one wall. Lil'E was soooooooooo happy. But then, there was a problem.

She couldn't sleep without daisies on the wall, too. Oops.

So, while she has been with the grandparents the last few days, I've been busy with the brush. I've got daisies on two walls, and ladybugs on one of those two (the other ladybugs will have to wait a couple of weeks). On another wall, there are fluffy, white clouds. And on the wall with her bed I painted a rainbow going over the bed and clouds around it. You can see the evidence below.

Now, I may be a rheologist, and I know well the flow properties of paint as you apply it to various surfaces with sundry brushes. But that does not make me a painter. It is what it is, and my 5-year old girl will love it. Also, if there happens to be any botanists in the crowd, don't blame me for how the daisies look - I modeled them after Daisy Head Mayzie. As to the millions (ha!) of entomologists seeing these pictures, you can blame me outright. Meteorologists, keep quite - you're a rowdy lot!

And to those of you counting the rainbow and only seeing six bands - yep, I only painted six. When I was a kid, they taught me about ROY G BIV and I learned the seven colors of the rainbow. Apparently, IV have fallen out of favor and they are only teaching ROY G BP these days - which makes no sense at all. Since that's what Lil'E insists on for the rainbow, that's what I painted.

Lil'E comes home tomorrow. I know she'll be excited to see it all on the walls. And, just maybe, she'll acquiesce to sleeping in her own room, in her own bed, without putting up a fight. Well, here's to hope, anyway.

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erin said...

What a cute room. I love it!!

Douglas said...

" Apparently, IV have fallen out of favor and they are only teaching ROY G BP these days "

I feel older and older every day.

Anne said...

My son will be 9 in October and he STILL magically appears in our bed during the night but not as often as his sister who's 6. It gets really fun when they BOTH show up.

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