Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My commute to work just got shorter

Handle with CareThat's right, you heard me. Big changes around here. I have just managed to shave precious time off my commute to work. How did I do it? Well, it's simple, really.

I moved to a desk 80 feet closer to the door.

Yep, 80 feet.

That's a full 10 seconds of my walking time. I'm sleeping in, baby!

It wasn't really my choice. They've got some big rearrangements going on here. Apparently, some big wigs from the "walled city" (where the execs and marketing, and people who do I know not what reside) will be humbled and move to where I once was. Sure, my new cubical has a well-known history of leaking in the rain - but I'm good with that.

On a serious note, this move - coupled with another - has placed me far, far away from my only enemy in life. Yes, Euphrony actually has an enemy. To be precise, it is much less that he is my enemy and much more that I am his. We once got along pretty well. I don't know what happened, really, but he just plain started hating me. He would come over and gripe about everything from the music I was (quietly) listening to, to the way I drank a coke, or even the way I breathed. Basically, I was the bane of his existence - and I still don't know why. He won't look me in the eye if we pass each other in the hall, much less offer a greeting in response to mine. But now I've moved, and he moved to another corner of the labs, and I haven't as much as seen him in more than a week. Truthfully, this brings a great deal of peace to my work environment - it is something I've prayed for for a couple of years (yes, this has gone on for years).

Anyway, do you have a desk that you sit at? What does it look like - neat, decorated with a theme, or just plain?


JSue said...

So, is your desk in the box?

euphrony said...

I sit in the midst of three movable, carpeted walls with a window on the fourth "real" wall. The window looks out on the smoke shack (where people go to smoke) and a service alley. But it's better than the big truck that made up my old view.

Amy said...

I have three desks. One is more like a table where I work with students, but I keep stuff like pens and photos on it, because that's where I sit most of the day. One is really small and has my computer on it, and the other has my printer and some other supplies on it. Definitely messy, though I try to tidy it all once a week. ;)

NatCh said...

Okay, if your desk isn't inside the box ... what is the deal with the box?

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