Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A rambling blog gets random visitors

So I got curious and looked at my ShinyStats today. I've never really looked at all they have to offer before, even though I've had that little link on the lower-right side of my blog for ages now. I glanced at the keyword searches that they list having brought people to my rambling posts. Below is the exhaustive list for the month of July (to date). So I'm big in musical searches (Addison Road, Nate Sallie, Sara Groves, Steven Delopoulos, and Laura Story - among others) and in car accidents. Am I really that safe if such a huge percentage of my search visitors are due to wrecks? Of course, I mentioned totaling two cars in yesterday's post - so I must talk about it a fair bit.

A few that stood out when I perused the list:

  • rabbit tsunami - huh?
  • eye molding - okay, that's just gross
  • her nipples birth story - I really don't remember blogging about that
What brings random traffic to your site?

Search Keywords

addison road 15
bad car crash 4
nate sallie in the younger days 4
brad wims 3
stavanger norway 3
the king's singers 3
bad accident 2
bad accidents 2
bad car crashes 2
car crash 2
flowbee 2
laura story 2
nate salli ruined for ordinary 2
would you rather questions 2
buttercup's baby by s.morgenstern 1
charlie brown soundtrack blogspot 1
her nipples birth story 1
if god had a refrigerator my picture would be on it...... 1
nate sallie "ruined for ordinary" youtube 1
sara groves 1
sara groves"review 1
7 tiers in heaven 1
8 wk ultrasound 1
acapella vocal band glad 1
all is well that ends well-abridged version 1
anisocoria 1
bad car accident 1
bad car accident photos 1
bing crosby 1
bing crosby - white christmas 1
bing crosby christmas 1
bing crosby christmas album covers 1
bing crosby white christmas 1
bing crosby, white christmas 1
blood:water mission 1
brant hansen + minigolf 1
car crash pics 1
carpenters - christmas portrait - 1
carpenters pictures 1
ccm album cover 1
celebrity car crash crashes 1
charlie brown christmas guaraldi 1
children dressed as musical instrument 1
christian 40 day fast 1
christmas favorites bing crosby 1
cover album band 1
crash golf 3 1
delopoulos straitjacket review 1
euphrony 1
eye molding 1
four wheeler crashes 1
gaelic in pub movie far and away 1
glad hymn thing 1
golf 3
crash 1
graduation melodies 1
hagar the horrible taxes 1
highway 6 houston accident 1
hotel empire game 1
i'm ruined for you christian song 1
inside out nate sallie album cover 1
keep eyes peeled origin 1
kid wear spiderman costume at camp 1
king's singers 1
laura story brain tumor mighty to save 1
laura story great god who saves 1
laura story photos 1
laura story words to great god who saves 1
listen to addison road 1
man cutting own hair 1
meaning of "keep your eyes peeled" 1
meaning of i'm at odds end 1
nate sallie 1
natural disaster games 1
natural disasters games 1
neil peart solo buddy rich 1
neil peart tom sawyer youtube 1
neil peart's wife and daughter 1
preventing tsunamis 1
rabbit tsunami 1
songs written by laura story 1
sonic carhops 1
stephen delopoulos 1
steve delopoulos 1
steven delopoulos straight jacket 1
the afters 1
the carpenter 1
the kings singers 1
vacation humor 1
vince guaraldi trio 1
what would you rather game 1
white christmas bing crosby 1
would you rather 1
would you rather 1
would you rather? questions 1


Amy said...

I never have any interesting searches lead to my blog.

Most popular searches are usually for books or films.

I did however get a TON of traffic just from a trackback left on lostpedia's blog! crazy.

Chaotic Hammer said...

What brings random traffic to your site?

Site? Do I have a site?

Oh, wait, I think I do. Somewhere around here. Hmmm...

euphrony said...

Watch out, C-Ham, you might trip over it and hurt yourself.

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