Friday, July 11, 2008

Dentistry of a different kind

I got this picture this morning from my friend Ellen, who is a medical missionary in Uganda. This is from a recent trip to Namawojjolo. How does this compare to your usual visit to a dentist? Let's count the differences: open air, walls are see-through, no soothing muzak over the speakers, I don't see anywhere but the ground to spit, and those chairs sure don't look as comfy as the dentist chair I usually sit in. Oh, I forgot to mention that these people do not have the opportunity for checkups every six months like most of us enjoy.

I've mentioned Ellen before here on my blog and I interviewed her for Inspired to Action a few months ago. We were even able to help her in collecting some books for a burgeoning library they are working on in Kampala. She and her group are doing some great work over there. Pray for them and thank God for people like her who choose to leave the comfort of home (and potential wealth as a doctor in the USA) to help people with their physical and spiritual needs.

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that is so interesting!

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