Friday, July 27, 2007

As if you haven't seen enought family pics

Lil'E with some flowers
Lil' Euphrony with flowers

Lil'E with her Build-a-Bear cat "Innie"
Lil' Euphrony with Innie the Cat

Lil'er E showing his disco moves
Disco Lil'er Euphrony

Our laughing boy
Laughing Lil'er Euphrony

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Anonymous said...

Great pics. Lovely family!

Douglas said...

Great pictures. The kids are sure growing like weeds. Seems like just a couple months ago that you were posting pictures of your angel and Kat's devil.


Susanne said...

So sweet!!!

euphrony said...

They are definitely weeds. Growing faster than I can keep up with. Lil'er E is doing his best to get the crawling underway and Lil'E is already swimming without floats (some of the time). It sure is fun, though.

The Secret Life of Kat said...

What cuties!!!!

steven.russell said...

this isn't this related...but i am asking all the people associated with the 40 day fast to post shaun's blog today in trying to help his friend.


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