Tuesday, July 31, 2007

40-Day Fast: In conclusion . . .

Wow, has it been forty days? Indeed, today is the final day, and Toby writes about his wife and remembering the soldiers. Anyone reading this is also encouraged to join in fasting as a collective today, or if not fasting then be filled with prayer. (I, myself, am not fasting today for a couple of reasons. But my thoughts are with Toby and also with Jim, who fasts today and prays over the Samaritan Center, and with anyone else who fasts today.)

There is still time to
get another goat, as one has already been provided for and another is on the way.

How has this period of devotion effected me? In some ways, the change is small. The focus on touching lives for God with both spiritual and physical blessings has been something the Spirit has been molding my life to for several years, now. So, to me, praying over groups like Compassion International, Blood:Water Mission, the Dalit, International Justice Mission, Big Brothers, Big Sisters - this is natural, a normal part of my life.

But, in other ways, the impact of this 40 day devotion has been huge. The focus it has brought in my thoughts and actions is greater than any I've previously experienced. The community, especially experienced through encouragement and prayer, has been awesome. We were never made to walk this path alone, but with the body of which we each are a small part. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, without a new post from a new person participating in the fast; the expectation of looking for a brother or sister to encourage in their devotion has become ingrained in my life.

Maybe that's where I go from here. I continue in my acting to live the image of God through helping people directly and indirectly. I continue to seek out those who need encouragement, strength, blessings emotional and spiritual and physical. And I act. I do. I pray. I weep. I rejoice. I speak. I devote myself to knowing Jehovah, not through words and descriptions but through companionship and working side by side with Him.

One last thing, as these forty days close out. When I think of fasting, I always think about David's fast over his dying son in
2 Samuel 12:16-23. Despite the pain of his loss, and having fasted for a week, the first thing David did upon hearing the death of his son was not eat. He got up, he prepared himself, and he presented himself before Jehovah in worship. After this, after worshipping God, he ate. As we finish this period of group devotion, let us not forget to bring worship to Jehovah in His holiness. It is to Him we have devoted this time; let us also thank Him for giving us reason for devotion.


Unknown said...


Thanks for the link, as well as the comment on my blog! I think your summation is apt, and I even posted a bit today on the same subject, that it is up to us to act. And as you further point out, to worship God in all that we do.

Good post!


Chaotic Hammer said...

Great thoughts, Euphrony.

I definitely feel the same way about this experience, and where we all go from here.

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