Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What we got to do last night

Some Monday nights are crazy. Some are lazy. Some times we just want to crash as we get back into the normal week after a weekend together as a family. Last night, Monday night, was a little different for us. We had a chance to live out what has been talked about so much in the posts of the 40 Day Fast.

Impact childrenLast night, we went shopping - not for ourselves, but for two sisters who needed school supplies. And not by ourselves, but with these two sweet girls. And not just us: around 200 kids were blessed in this event, besides the two we shopped with. It was "Back to School" night. Our church, partnered with the Impact church in inner-city Houston, managed to bus these kids (in around six buses) up here to the 'burbs. Impact does a great job of ministering in the inner-city areas (they do a lot more than preach, though, and were profiled in The Wall Street Journal for their efforts after Hurricane Katrina), picking up these kids to bring them to church every week, and every day this week for VBS. Most of them are on government lunch grants at school, and their families come short of being able to afford needed school supplies and uniforms. That's where we were able to step in.

We met at the church building at 6:15, waited in line a few minutes to find the girls we would sponsor, and then left for a sumptuous dinner at CiCi's Pizza (hey, kids everywhere love a place that serves macaroni and cheese pizza). It was then on to Wal-Mart, who had kindly provided pre-packaged school supplies and a 10% discount on all purchases (but please, next time, open more registers for checkout!). After buying shoes, khaki's, polo's (to meet school uniform standards), and a backpack there was just enough time and money left to get them some gum to take home with them (we were asked to limit purchases to $65 per child). The girls loved talking and playing with Lil'E, and she hated saying by to them when we dropped them back at the buses at 9:30 - Liler'E was of the opinion that it had all gone on too long and was want to get home, as most 5-month olds are.

It was a great night, overall, even if it resulted in not getting the kids to bed until around 10:30. We loved meeting the girls, and seeing all the kids there; as a bonus, Mrs. E got to do some shopping, even if it wasn't for herself. And the kids all had a great night, as well. Our girls even asked if we would take them again next year!

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erin said...

What a great ministry! There should be more initiatives like that.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Yeah, I agree with Erin. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

that is so cool. I would totally love to do that!! I always love the operation shoebox and similar things, because I love picking out little things that go in it. maybe it's a girl[shopping] thing...maybe it's a love language thing =) thank you sooo much for sharing. that blessed my heart!

euphrony said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. This is actually something that our church has done for the last couple of years. Before that, Mrs. E and I did this every year though my work: they partnered with a group called Child Advocates here in Houston and with Mervyns to do the same thing. We'd meet the kids at the Mervyns store at 7:00 am (so everything could be done before opening hours), eat some provided Chick-fil-A breakfast, and then shop. My work provided $100 per child and everything was on sale plus a discount and tax-free, so it went a long ways. Since Mervyns closed I don't think my work has picked up anything to replace this, but I hope they do.

Susanne said...

That sounds like a wonderful night to me! I'll pray for those sweet girls. And your little one is so cute in that picture too!

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